From July 2006 it became a requirement for everyone registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) to keep a record of CPD.

 'As a registered health professional, you have always been responsible for making sure you meet our standards of conduct, performance and ethics. You are now also responsible for making sure that you meet our standards for CPD.'('Continuing professional development and your registration'' HPC 2006)

 CPD records will be audited by HPC at random.  Random audits will be undertaken, by profession, starting in July 2008 with Chiropodists and Podiatrists.  Clinical Scientists are due to be audited in September 2009 and every two years thereafter.

 Audited clinical scientists will be required to provide documented evidence of two years CPD.  This document has been produced to aid in the recording of your CPD.  This document is intended to provide a suggested format for your CPD record.  You may prefer to use an internal laboratory format or your own personal layout.

 It is advisable to read this portfolio in conjunction with 'Continuing professional development and your registration' August 2006

 An HPC publication, available for download at 

 The HPC CPD standards have been included as an appendix, as has the HPC's list of suggested CPD activities.

HCPC Continuing Professional Development