• 13th January 2021

Due to Covid-19 pandemic the FRCPath Part 2 examinations scheduled for Spring 2020 were postponed and were held in the Autumn along with the FRCPath Part 1 examinations. The College examinations department worked incredibly hard to introduce new ways to run the examinations as safely and fairly as possible for both candidates and examiners, whilst also maintaining standards. In the extended Autumn sitting over 1500 candidates across multiple specialities were able to sit their FRCPath exams. Our thanks go as well to the fantastic team of Genetics examiners who worked so hard to set and assess the Part 1 and Part 2 exams.

For Part 1 the written papers were delivered using TestReach. Once the examiners were familiarised with this platform a great deal of care was taken to moderate questions and images to minimise any adverse impact this new format might have on candidates’s performance. The College has been collecting feedback from examination panels so they can work with TestReach to make improvements in time for the Spring 2021 examinations.

For the Part 2 Orals MS Teams was used, and although there were a few hitches, the professionalism of candidates and examiners helped to ensure that all candidates were able to complete their examination. Again, careful consideration was given to the impact of a virtual Oral exam and extensive review and moderation of questions and standard setting was undertaken in advance of the day.

For the Part 1 written examination in Genomics the pass rate was 55%. This was the final sitting of the sub-specialty Part 2 Oral examinations and the pass marks were as follows: Clinical Cytogenetics 54%, Molecular Genetics 52%, and Genomics 80%.

Candidates who were unsuccessful in the Part 2 Oral examinations should have received individual feedback from the College. If any candidates who were unsuccessful in the Part 1 examination would like individual feedback this can be requested from the College by their supervisor.

The ACGS Part 1 and Part 2 study groups are being organised through the ACGS workforce development committee, and Graham Fews, Senior Examiner and Quality Assurance lead for the Genomics FRCPath exams, will be providing a presentation for both groups which we hope all candidates will find useful for their preparation.

With best wishes,

Christine Waterman                                                    Graham Fews
RCPath Panel Chair for Genomics                           RCPath Quality Assurance Lead