• 13th November 2019

FRCPath Part 1 study Group 2020

FAO Candidates: 

The FRCPath Pt 1 study group is continuing again in preparation for Autumn 2020 exams in Genetics and will follow the virtual format as in previous years. This will consist of an initial and a final meeting with the rest of the course completed online with the support of facilitators.

The first meeting is really aimed to introduce candidates to the exam and to discuss what is required from the study group. Whilst the structure from previous years will be used as a guide, candidates input is needed to mould this year’s study group.

The initial meeting is being planned to be held at the Cardiff Genetics laboratory on the 13th January 2020.  Click here for further information. If you wish to participate in the course please complete the accompanying form and return to the email address provided. We will distribute details of the first meeting and all relevant materials once we have all the details finalised.

Please contact Michelle Wood with any comments or if further information is required: Michelle.wood@wales.nhs.uk

FAO Facilitators:

We are looking for volunteers who have passed the exam themselves to help facilitate with the sessions. Like in previous years workload will try to be kept down as much as possible and as such you would be required to:

       Act as a point of contact for the module

      Ensure notes are completed and returned to you on time

      A brief check that notes are of sufficient quality

      Set an exam style mock question

      Provide feedback to a model answer as prepared by one of the candidates

If you are interested please contact celia.duff-farrier@nbt.nhs.uk  with your details and areas of expertise so we can match you as best as possible to one of the seven sessions.