ACGS Travel Award Scheme


The ACGS encourages applications for travel awards from its members. The overall purpose of the scheme is to assist members who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining sufficient funds with awards of money to travel to conferences and meetings.


An aim of this scheme is to encourage members to attend and present work at meetings abroad.


Awards will normally only be considered up to a limit of £500, however in exceptional circumstances higher awards may be given.


Awards will not normally be given to UK members to attend ACGS organised events, BSGM organised events or events organised by other constituent groups of the BSGM, within the UK. Applications from UK members to attend other events within the UK will be given a low priority. 


The ACGS will consider requests for funding which are also being considered by the parallel scheme administered by the BSGM. Such a parallel application and its outcome (if known) must be declared.

Awards will only be made to applicants who have been a full ordinary member of the ACGS for at least one year.

Retrospective awards will not be made.

The editors of the ACGS Section of the BSGM Newsletter may ask successful applicants to produce a brief report of any conference/meeting attended. If requested, production of such a report will be a condition of the award.


A panel of at least 3 ACGS Executive team members will assess the application.

The ACGS Executive will not enter into any correspondence regarding the reasons for individual failed applications.

The following priorities and considerations will be used to rank applications:

  • Priority will be given to those submitting a spoken or poster presentation at a meeting abroad.
  • The ACGS will consider the scientific merit of any proposed presentation and the appropriateness of the conference, meeting, etc.
  • The ACGS will take previous awards to the applicant from ACGS funds into account when deciding priorities.
  • The panel will expect evidence of support from the applicant's Department/Institution.
  • The likelihood of funding from elsewhere.
  • Where a parallel application has been made for BSGM support for the same event, the panel may discuss awards with that group to ensure appropriate priorities are set, including the option of part-funding from each source. 


To apply for a travel award please complete the application form (top right of this page) and send by post or email to


David Cockburn

DNA Laboratory
Ashley Wing
St James's University Hospital
Leeds  LS9 7TF 


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