About Us


The Association for Clinical Genomic Science changed its name in 2016 following a vote by members. The new logo was introduced in spring 2017. Its predecessor was established in December 2012 from a merger of the Association for Clinical Cytogenetics and the Clinical Molecular Genetics Society with the vision of bringing together scientists working within genetics into one professional association.


The ACGS is governed by its constitution and run by its elected Executive committee consisting of a Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and the Chairs of the 4 standing subcommittees; Workforce Development Committee, Quality Committee, Scientific and Technology committee and Communications committee.


Minutes of ACGS Executive meetings are available in the members area


The ACGS is the largest of the constituent groups of the BSGM.


The ACGS is a charity (Registered Charity Number 1153826)



Aims of the ACGS


For the public benefit, the promotion, protection and preservation of good health by any means deemed appropriate by the Trustees from time to time including by:


  • The promotion, encouragement and advancement of the study and practice of clinical genomic science
  • The advancement of education, research and innovation in clinical genomic science
  • The development and promotion of standards in clinical genomic science




Membership is open to professionals working within clinical genetic science in either a hospital or research environment. Organisations or companies whose work is associated with clinical genetic science may apply for associate membership of the Association. Membership of the ACGS also includes membership of the BSGM.


Prospective members must be nominated by two existing members of the ACGS. To join the ACGS click here.



ACGS travel awards

The ACGS has a travel awards scheme for members to assist those who may have difficulty obtaining funds to travel to conferences and meetings. The aim of the scheme is to encourage members to attend and present work at meetings abroad. Full details of the scheme and the application form can be found here



Currently news items are posted to our website. Emma Huxley and Irene Carolina are the editors for the ACGS pages. If you would like to submit an article for the newsletter, please contact Emma EMMA.HUXLEY@bwhct.nhs.uk


Previous BSGM newsletters are available here. You will need your membership details to access this area.